23 Fashion District


Fashion comes to the heart of Bandung this year showcasing more than 52 designers from all across Indonesia in collaboration with Indonesian Fashion Chamber. Along with many fashion institution and International brands, it was a three day event you can never forget. With this year’s trend forecasting: Grey Zone

Day 1 was stunned with the opening of #23FashionDistrict with the visit of Ms. Atalia Kamil and a magical performance by Ms. Ria Sugandi with her magnificent jazzy overtures. The night was blessed by Ali Charisma’s dark and lavish collection.


Day 2 filled with different genres of fashion starting from the fresh collaborative ideas of aspiring designers of some of Indonesia’s prestigious fashion institution to the classical design of the legendary Nuniek Mawardi.


Day 3 came into a massive battle from all of the designers as they showcase jaw dropping revolution in the fashion industry. From the extravagant 2 looks in 1 by Bramata Wijaya, a show stomping collection by Deden Siswanto and Sofie’s beautifully detailed collection


Other Events

  • 24 10 2017

    BOO! #23Spooktober Halloween is here! Join us on the 29th of October for a one Ooky Spooky day of the year.

  • 14 09 2017
    #23Miniapolis Photo Contest

    Snap and win on #23Miniapolis, the first ever photo contest collab with Miniapolis

  • 02 08 2017
    BCA and Silk Air Travel Fair

    Fly to your dream destination with BCA and Silk Air, get your tickets now!!

  • 17 07 2017
    Sunday Morning Run

    Get #InspiringlyFit with us with the Sunday Morning Run program

  • 18 06 2017

    When you don't know where to shop this Lebaran, we got your solution with #23MidniteSale

  • 12 06 2017
    Instax SQ10 Launching

    The new Instax SQ10 launches at the heart of Bandung with an interactive fun experience for all the instant camera lovers.

  • 12 06 2017
    23 Ride District

    Leading car brands showcasing its latest models at our main atrium

  • 02 06 2017
    Poppins Bazaar

    The fabulous Poppins Pretty Paradise Bazaar on the 19th to 21st of May invaded our atrium

  • 18 05 2017
    Bonheur Grand Opening

    At the upcoming May 20th 2017, customers are invited to a series of event such as makeup presentation, perfect eyebrows demo, and special straps personalization.

  • 15 05 2017
    23 Fashion District

    Fashion comes to bandung with #23FashionDistrict, a 3 day fashion show in collaboration with Indonesian Fashion Chamber

  • 24 04 2017
    GoJek Cashback!

    Let’s come and enjoy 23 Paskal Shopping Center. If You are using Go-Jek, please stop by our reception, show your receipt and we will give you a CASHBACK worth IDR 10.000/ ride!

  • 23 04 2017
    23 Paskal on Frame

    Photography exhibition at 23 Paskal Atrium presenting artistic photograpy works from Kubik Photography Bandung.

  • 28 03 2017
    H&M Opening April 29th

    H&M opens 29 April 2017. H&M offers fashion at the best price in a sustainable way for women, men, teenagers, and children.