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In this festive season comes with a seasonal sale. That’s right, 23 Paskal presents #23MidniteShopping. A 2 day shopping extravaganza event on June 16th and 17th. Everyone seems to enjoy the experience and the great deals from all of our tenants. Aside from that, we also have performances and entertainments on our atrium from traditional dance to mannequin models performance. Accompanied by a DJ set, it was definitely a night to remember.

With many promotions from Fashion, Entertainment to F&B tenants, the sale was packed with people of all ages. With customers still shopping near the time of closure, it was definitely a success. The Midnight Sale also marks the grand opening of #23FoodMarketTerrace, a whole new concept on you typical food court. The event concluded with live music performance and pleased customers with tons of shopping bag on their hands.


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BCA Top Spender Program

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Get Travel Package worth Rp 25.000.000, –

**with minimum shopping of Rp 15.000.000, – during the period 1 June – 31 July 2017

Terms and Conditions :

  • Total transaction accumulates to at least Rp. 15 million during the promotional program period from 1 June – 31 July 2017 (2 months).
  • Transactions are required to use BCA Credit Card and transacted on a BCA EDC machine.
  • Accumulated transactions based on same number and customer name (valid merging of transactions from different BCA Credit Card numbers of the same name).
  • Only transactions at 23 Paskal tenants and are not valid for exhibition tenants / special events
  • Recording of accumulated transactions is done at Customer Service 23 Paskal (on the same day as the transaction date) by showing BCA card, shopping receipt and EDC BCA structure.
  • Travel Package prizes are provided for 1 (one) winner with the highest accumulated transaction during the promotional program period.
  • Travel Package Rewards in the form of travel vouchers that can be used for transactions in travel agents designated by 23 Paskal.
  • The winner will be contacted by the 23Paskal Party to make the prize taking within 1 (one) week after being contacted by signing the receipt of the prize and showing the valid identity and the BCA Credit Card.
  • BCA & 23 Paskal parties reserve the right to cancel the name of the winner of the program if known to commit fraud on the transaction.
  • On determining winner, we will be absolute and inviolable.

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Instax SQ10 Launching

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Instax have done it again! When they first brought back the “credit card” sized instant film, it became an instant hit around the teens. With a couple of few years, they released the wide format of their instant film. Much of everyone’s disappointment as everyone was expecting for a square (1×1) instant camera format just like the classic Polaroid format that everyone is familiar with.

However, June 10th Fujifilm officially released its renewed square format instant film called the Instax SQ10 at the heart of Bandung, 23 Paskal. The exhibition itself lasted for a week, complete with interactive fun programs where you can take a picture with your friends using one of their Instax cameras and decorate it with tons of scrapbook materials.

The Instax SQ10 itself is indeed special. It is completed with a touch screen LCD, 2 shutter buttons and it is currently the most revolutionary instant camera ever as it is half digital half instant. Once you have taken your picture, you can actually edit and even pick on your favorite shoot to be printed on the film. This takes out the fun on the instant camera factor but it sure saves film, printable two or more times and most importantly it is convenient for everyone.стоматология в московской области

23 Ride District

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Showcasing new models from top automotive companies like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nisan and Honda, 23 Ride District was held on our main atrium 29 May – 4 June 2017. From cars to motorcycle, the exhibition was a success. Accompanied by some live music on the weekends, there were lots of people who showed their interest with the exhibition.


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Poppins Bazaar

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On the 19th to the 21st of May, the ladies of Poppins Bazaar invaded our atrium with their fabulous bazaar filled with #InspiringlyFashionable fashion forward boutiques, Bandung’s #InspiringlyDelicious top culinary and top-notch beauty brands. With a total of 33,000 visitor for their 3 days bazaar, the lavish women of Poppins was left in awe with this huge accomplishment. From kids of the age of one to your grandparents, everyone sure had fun at the fabulous weekend.

What a blast! The bazaar sadly had to end on the third day with most of the booth having their products sold out. With the big success, we will hopefully be seeing the ladies of Poppins very soon. Till next time ladies and thank you for holding your bazaar at your number one new shopping center in Bandung. More exciting events are about to happen at 23 Paskal, so stay tuned and make sure to come and play with us now! #InspiringlyYours #InspiringlyBandung 23 Paskal.


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