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23 Weekdays Serprizes

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# 23WeekdaySurprizes is here!

From 21 – 31 August Get a chance to win daily shopping voucher for 1 lucky daily top spender.

1. Get shopping voucher Rp. 250.000 for 1 person top spender # 23WeekdaySurprizes every day from Monday to Thursday

2. With minimum spending on participating tenant on #23WeekdaySurprizes at 23 Paskal Shopping Center worth Rp. 500.000/customer/day

3. Receipt/sales draft transaction received only in the form of a print out from a tenant of 23 Paskal Shopping Center, then can be registered at 23 Paskal customer service desk at Lv.1

4. Receipt/sales draft transaction for the #23WeekdaySurprizes program that can be accepted on the weekdays of different tenant category as follows:

a. Monday & Tuesday: Food & Beverage Tenants

b. Wednesday: Fashion, Beauty, Accessories Tenant

c. Thursday: Entertainment & Kids Arcade

5. Shopping voucher is valid for all tenants of 23 Paskal for 1 month after the date of receiving the voucher

6. The winner will be picked the following day/maximum of 24 hours from the date of purchase at 23 Paskal Shopping Center and will be contacted via telephone/email

7. Prize collection is set on September 1, 2017 for all winners at 15.00, all winners will be documented by getting a picture taken.

8. Terms & Conditions

Wilujeng Sumping

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Wilujeng Sumping

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BCA and Silk Air Travel Fair

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BCA and Silk Air comes to 23 Paskal on the 3rd to 6th of August with great promos and surprising prizes.

Starting from special price tickets for SilkAir & Singapore Airlines on some of your favorite destination. A

A cash back promo using BCA credit card & BCA visa card by Singapore Airlines (Infinite/Signature) with BCA’s 0% credit scheme for payments. This cash back promo only applies to the card holder and must be embarking on the trip.

You will also acquire shopping vouchers where you can shop for your travel needs at your number one shopping center in Bandung.

Last but not least, you will get 2x Krisflyers Miles for your Frequent Flyer membership card with Singapore Airlines.

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BNI Shopping Race

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Shop and collect stamps and earn interesting cashback prizes!

- Any minimum spend of IDR 250,000 in F&B tenants and or minimum spend of IDR 500,000 in non-F&B tenants get 1 (one) stamp for BNI Shopping Race.
- 6 first stamps (3 stamps non-F&B + 3 F&B stamps) can be redeemed with a 200,000 voucher.
- Next 12 stamps (6 stamps non-F&B + 6 F&B stamps) can be redeemed with a 400,000 voucher.
- Next 12 new stamps (6 non-F&B stamps + 6 F&B stamps) can be redeemed with a 600,000 vouchers.
- Not applicable for multiples, 1 receipt is equal for 1 stamp.
- 1 Customer may redeem a maximum of 4 stamps per day with different receipt purchases from the same Credit Card.
- Stamp redemption is valid only on the same day as the date indicated on the customer's shopping receipt.
- Exchange of receipt can be done at Customer Service located in front of Lobby Hejo.
- Applies to All Kinds of BNI Credit Card except iB Hasanah & Corporate Card.


- Customer must show their identity card and BNI Credit Card used for shopping to redeem stamps at the customer service to be scanned.
- 1 shopping receipt for 1 redemption, not applicable for multiples.
- Maximum exchange of receipt as much as 4 receipts per shopping.
- The acceptable shopping receipts are only acceptable to tenant participating in the "BNI Shopping Race" event 23Paskal.
- Stamp Card is applicable for voucher redemption by stamp collection with 6 stamps, 12 stamps and additional 12 stamps during the program period.
- Redemption of Stamp Card with Voucher must be included in customer's receipt on Stamp collection.
- Stamp Card redemption must be collected by BNI Credit Card holder used to get stamp.
- If Stamp Card is lost then the stamp in it are considered to be invalid and will be provided and replaced with a new Stamp Card


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